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Opalescent Mist (2017) 🔊📝
Piano, Live electronics


Fractured Arabesque II (2017) 🔊
Solo Violin

Puzzled Ring (2015)
Solo Piano

Fractured Arabesque (2014) 🔊
Solo Violin

Chamber music

Hibiki no Niwa II (Garden of Resonance II) (2017) 🔊
Quintet: 5 bassoons

Monochrome Ivy (2016)
Trio: Flute, Bassoon, Piano

Until the Day Wheels Cease Rolling (2015)
Quartet: Flute, Violin, Voice(Soprano), Piano

Hoshi-Gatami (Star Basket) (2014) 🔊
Trio: Soprano Saxophone, Cello, Piano

While only the Sky had Lights (2014) 🔊
Duo: Violin, Piano

Thread of Life (2009~2010; 2014) 🔊📝
Duo: Cello, Piano

Hibiki no Niwa (Garden of Resonance) (2012) 🔊
Quintet: 5 Percussions

Sabishiki Michi (2011) 🔊
Duo: Voice(Alto), Harp

Orchestral music

Stars Weave the Expansive Sea (2014; 2015) 🔊📝


Chamber arrangement

“Main Title Theme”
“Here They Come”
“Cantina Band”
String Quartet/String Quintet

Film ‘Ghostbusters’
“Ghost Busters (Main Theme)”
String Quartet

Film ‘Notting Hill’
Cello Trio

Film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’
“He’s a Pirate”
String Quartet/String Quintet

Film ‘Frozen’
“Let It Go”
String Quartet
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Film ‘The Jungle Book’
“I Wan’na Be like You”
String Quartet

TV series ‘Shuriken Sentai Ninninger’
“Nan ja Mon ja! Ninja Matsuri! (What’s That?! A Ninja Festival!)”
String Quartet

Anime TV series ‘Yo-kai Watch’
“Yo-kai Taiso Dai-Ichi (Yo-kai Exercise No.1)”
String Quartet

Earth, Wind & Fire
String Quartet
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Michael Jackson
“Love Never Felt So Good”
String Quartet
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“Tentoumushi No Samba (Samba of the Ignored Heaven)”
Cello Trio

Orchestral arrangement

Video game ‘Legend of Mana’
“Legend of MANA – Title Theme”
“Nostalgic Song”
“World of Mana”
“Places of Soul”
“Ranch Night”
“Maker’s Galopp”
“Dreamseed Fruit”
“Cliff Town Gato”
“Where Truth Can Be Found”
“The Wind Sings of a Journey”
“Calmly Traveling”
“Two Feelings – Lucemia”
“Earth Painting”
“Overlapping Destinies”
“Memory of Running”
“Bondage Bestowed”
“Fiery Castle”
“Southern City Popula”
“Everyday Dream~Spirit’s Song”
“To the Sea”
“Mystic City Geo”
“Blue Gloom”
“Sparkling City Of Ruin”
“Treasured Love”
“Of Glittering Tears”
“The Great Virtue Of Gathering Mana’s Spirit – Theme Of Mana”
“Holy Palace Of Mana”
“The Gloaming (Silence Of Time)”
“Nostalgic Song – Ending Theme for Mana’s Story”
“Song of MANA – Ending Theme”
Orchestra, Choir, Organ (Fa’Diel Chamber Orchestra: Performed on 11 Feb. 2017)

Christmas Carol Medley
Orchestra, Choir, Organ (Euphorbia Musicum Orchestra: Performed on 24 Dec. 2016)

Maurice Ravel: ‘Le Tombeau de Couperin’
String Orchestra, Harp (Ensemble Free EAST: Performed on 13 Mar. 2016)

Video game ‘Final Fantasy X’
Orchestra (Meteor Symphonic Orchestra: Performed on 27 Dec. 2015)

Video game ‘Bravely Default: Flying Fairy’
“Overture to Hope”
“The Gongs of Battle”
“Joy of Victory”
“Ship Upon the Open Skies”
“Love’s Vagrant”
“The Civil War Country”
“Infiltrating Enemy Territory”
“Baby Bird”
“World of Scattering Flowers”
“Ballad to Light”
Orchestra (Norende Philharmonic Orchestra: Performed on 11 Oct.2015)

Video game ‘The Rub Rabbits!’
“Heaven and Hell”
Orchestra (Okinawa Game Takt: Performed on 22 Mar.2014)

Video game ‘Daytona USA’
“Let’s Go Away”
Orchestra (Okinawa Game Takt: Performed on 22 Mar.2014)

Video game ‘Chrono Cross’
“People Imprisoned by Destiny”
String Orchestra, Piano (Okinawa Game Takt: Performed on 21 Mar.2014)